Sunday, August 7, 2011


   The independent music scene has taken a blow. Major labels are losing money hand over fist due to a deficit economy. A abundance of artists are forced to pursue a economical and independent route. A 16 year company BPENT has launched a NEW services and marketing campaign titled "NEWCLEUS PROMO". This project is committed to providing artists with the knowledge to push their career forward and maintain their momentum with future decisions. Instead of unnecessary capital spending trying to impress the labels, focus on diverting your direction into strengthening your foundation. Bottom line build your company to generate money. BPENT was initially a tattoo studio located in St.Louis Missouri. It eventually grew into a franchise chain, a youth awareness movement (Runway2Empowerment), and a top notch urban marketing consultant. Assisting with projects such as KIPP Inspire Academy, St. Louis Public School Back2School Festival, International Entertainment affairs for numerous nightlife spots, and a single headline movement for the CEO YUNG RO. Being tattoo artists YUNG RO is accustomed to turning pennies into dollars. Newcleus will interview each artist and create a custom campaign to fit their budget and their level of campaign. Some artist are more advanced than others therefore don't need intermediate attention. Newcleus realize that in this industry you got a individuals telling you a million ways to spend your capital and very few ways to maake it. True enough that it takes money to make money, but in the same sense hard work can decrease your budget. Newcleus will also create a networking community among their clients that will fuel each and every clients career. Your future is your decision. Its time to make a move.  Newcleus promo is waiting. For more info email us:  or call 314-621-1020(office) 314-650-6760 (cell)

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